When emotionally-damaged mine-clearer Tess Hardy arrives in Cambodia to investigate the truth behind her ex-husband’s death, she finds that local girls are going missing. 

Some are found later, mutilated and murdered, their babies abandoned. And there are whispers about the White Crocodile, a mythical creature that brings death to all who meet it.

Caught in a web of lies that stretches from Cambodia to a murder in England, and a violent secret twenty years old, Tess must unravel the truth, and quickly – before she becomes the next victim.

‘Tess is the most compelling female protagonist I have come across in a long time.’
 Stylist Magazine

‘White Crocodile takes the reader into a Cambodia that suggests the fraught psychological territory of Joseph Conrad’s africa in Heart of Darkness.’ 
Barry Forshaw, The Independent

‘It is a mightily impressive effort to combine a fine, taut story with so many topical issues.’
Andrew Tong, Independent on Sunday

‘A memorable portrait of the Cambodia the tourists never see.’
Mail on Sunday, Thriller of The week

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