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N-capylic acid

CAS No.: 124-07-2

Molecular formula: C8H16O2

Standard: Q/HYH007-2012

Properties and Uses

Properties: colorless transparent liquid. 
Uses: used to produce antiseptic, foaming agent, and insecticide, or used in antirust, corrosive inhibitant, defoamer, lube additive, viscosity regulator and high molecule modifier. 

Physical and chemical index
Item Index
Iodine value, g/100g ≤ 0.5
Saponification value, mg/g 387-390
Acid value, mg/g 386-389
Lovibond chroma (133.4mm Trough) ≤ R1.0 Y4.0
C8, % ≥ 99

Packing: plastic drum, Net wt 180kg.

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