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Pharmaceutical glycerine

CAS No.: 56-81-5

Structural formula:

Standard: CP 2010

Properties and Uses

Properties: colorless, clear syrupy liquid.

Uses: In medicine, used to extract a variety of preparations, solvents, hygroscopic agents, antifreezes, sweeteners and produce topical ointment or suppository, also used extensively for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates.

Physical and chemical index
Item Index
Appearance Colorless clear syrupy liquid, aqueous solution (1 → 10) shows neutral reaction
Relative Density not less than 1.2569 at 25ºC
(1) Should be positive reaction
(2) its infrared absorption spectrum should be consistent with that of sample
Color Not darker than comparison solution
Chloride Not darker than comparison solution (0.0015%)
Sulfate Not darker than comparison solution(0.002%)
Fatty acids and esters Consumption of sodium hydroxide solution (0.1mol / l) should not more than 4.0ml
Acrolein, glucose and ammonium salt May not yellow or occur ammonia smell
Readily carbonizable substance Not darker than comparison solution
Residue on ignition 1.2598
Ferric salt Not darker than comparison solution(0.0002%)
Heavy metals Not more than two percent
[Content Determination] C3H8O3 not less than 95.0%


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