'Kate Medina has seen action as a Troop Commander in the Territorial Army.  She draws on this unusually wide range of life experiences to create two sleuths in Fire Damage: psychologist Jessie Flynn who is trying to make a terrified four-year-old boy yield up information about a multiple killing that he has witnessed, and Captain Ben Callan, who is investigating an officer's suspicious death in Afghanistan. The cases inevitably converge in this excellent start to a new series.'
Jake Kerridge, Sunday Express

Kate Medina's Fire Damage, the first in a series featuring Army psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn, is an absorbing and convincing thriller from an author whose armed services background adds a subtle layer of conviction to her writing.  Jessie is, naturally, almost as neurotic as some of her own patients, but Medina's naturally tough prose and psychological insight ensure that her damaged protagonist is never less than fascinating. Fire Damage feels a touch more mainstream than the author's earlier novel from 2014, White Crocodile, but it showcases the same talent and authenticity confirming Medina as an author who consistently delivers taught, believable and unsettlingly compelling novels.'
Herald Scotland

'MUST READ.  If psychological thrillers are your bag, look no further than Fire Damage.  It's the first in a series featuring psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn and is gripping from the off.  Jessie is tasked with unravelling a murder but to do so she must unlock the mind of a terrified four-year-old boy.   She's working with the absurdly attractive Captain Ben Callan, a former patient of hers.  Neither are without their flaws, which adds a feeling of authenticity - as does the fact that author Kate Medina has a psychology degree.  Tense and hard to put down.'
Closer Magazine

'Highly recommended.  It was packed with twists and turns and kept you thinking about the characters and where the plot was going.'
Good Housekeeping, Reader Recommended Books

'Few crime novels deserve to be called operatic - in the sense of being larger than life, with emotions etched in the most striking of colours - but K T Medina's remarkable debut certainly qualifies for the adjective. Painted on the most ambitious of canvasesWhite Crocodile takes the reader into a Cambodia that suggests the fraught psychological territory of Joseph Conrad's Africa in Heart of Darkness.'
Barry Forshaw,  The Independent

'Skillfully transporting the reader from the criminal underground of Manchester to the sweltering heat of Cambodia, Medina leaves us constantly second-guessing the outcome. The unexpected twists and turns throughout the course of the book left me unable to prise myself away . . . Tess is the most compelling female protagonist I have come across in a long time but perhaps the most powerful aspect of White Crocodile is Medina's illumination of Cambodia's turbulent political history and her knack of interweaving it seamlessly with the present.'
Stylist Magazine

'The killing fields of Cambodia provide an unsettling and evocative setting for KT Medina's impressive debut, White Crocodile. It's a powerful, angry book, affected by Medina's personal experiences there, in a previous job.'
Marcel Berlins, The Times

'It is a mightily impressive effort to combine a fine, taut story with so many topical issues.'
Andrew Tong, Independent on Sunday

'A memorable portrait of the Cambodia the tourists never see.'
Mail on Sunday, Thriller of the Week

'A tough, well-told tale with clever use of fear, terrific depiction of a place and its people, and most of all a true to life heroine to lead us through it.'
Jon Wise, Weekend Sport

'White Crocodile by K.T.Medina, published this summer and set both in Cambodia and England, delves disturbingly into the murky recesses of its characters' psyches, drawing on the author's own experience of working in Cambodia...The gripping narrative is filled with sudden, startling images.'
Anita Sethi, Fiction Uncovered

'A strongly write thriller and a passionate meditation.  There is yet another accomplished crime writer joining the sizeable throng of names to which attention must be paid.'
The Independent

‘White Crocodile’, the outstanding debut novel by K. T. Medina, will make you travel to a far-away and disturbing world... Well done K. T. Medina for a great story straddling crime and thriller fiction and mixing it with acute observations about the ravaged world we unheedingly live in. A story featuring  robust characters, a compassionate yet tough heroine and a truly stunning denouement, as frightening and deadly as the mythical white crocodile.
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