Kate Medina has always been fascinated by the 'whys' of human behaviour, an interest that drove her to study Psychology at University and later to start a crime series featuring clinical psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn.  

She has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and her debut novel, White Crocodile, set in the land mine fields of Cambodia received widespread critical acclaim, as did Fire Damage and Scared to Death, the first and second books in the Dr Jessie Flynn, clinical psychologist, series.  Two Little Girls, third in the series, will be published in March 2018.

Before turning to writing full time, Kate spent five years in the Territorial Army.  After leaving the TA she worked in publishing as Managing Editor, Land Based Weapon Systems, at Jane's Information Group, where she was responsible for providing information on small arms, armour, artillery and land mines to global militaries.  Whilst at Jane's she spent time in Cambodia, working with mine clearance charities in Battambang to provide them with information that would help mine clearers deal with complex mines and IEDs more safely in the field, an experience that inspired her to write White Crocodile.

White Crocodile, was sold to publishers around the world in 2014/15.  White Crocodile was called a 'remarkable debut' in The Independent, 'a stunning debut' in the Sunday Mirror and 'evocative' in The Times.  Kate was also invited to talk about White Crocodile and the devastating impact of land mines on Radio 4, Women's Hour.

Fire Damage, the first in the Dr Jessie Flynn, clinical psychologist, series was published in hardback in 2016 and in paperback in 2017.  It received fabulous reviews in all the major UK national newspapers, including  The Sunday Express, which called it 'an excellent start to a new series', The Sun, 'a tense and pacy thriller', The Times, The Independent, 'a mightily impressive effort'. The Daily Mail, The Mirror and Herald Scotland, 'an absorbing and convincing thriller'.  Closer magazine said about Fire Damage, 'MUST READ.  If psychological thrillers are your bag, then look no further'. Grazia called it, 'a haunting thriller', and it was 'highly recommended' by Good Housekeeping.  

Scared to Death, the second in the series featuring Dr Jessie Flynn was published in hardback March 2017 to equally excellent reviews. 

Two Little Girls, third in the series, will be published in March 2018.

Kate lives in London with her husband and three children.